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Lional Messi

January 16, 2013

article-2242647-0F79C42300000578-201_634x429Quite a few people probably know the football player, Lionel Messi. A few days ago, he received the top prize in football, the Ballon d’Or, four times. No one has won the prize for four consecutive years, nor have they won it four times itself. This is the first time. Why was he able to received the prize, Ballon d’Or many times?

On June 24th in 1987, Lionel Messi was born in Argentina, at a small village. His father worked at a factory, and his mother did a part-time job.  His father’s ancestor was born in Italy, and family moved to Argentina. When Messi was 5 years old, he got into a club, which his father coached. However a doctor diagnosed him with a hormonal disease when Messi was 10 years old.  He really suffered from the disease, but he passed a tryout at Barcelona football club held.  They paid the doctor’s fee instead of his family, but they had to immigrate from Argentina to Spain.

Many kinds of training and medical treatment brought about a stunning football technique in the player.  He began his career as a football player when he was 17 years old.  As a result of playing well in the Champions League and La Liga Español, he got an U-21 European Player of the Year Award, surpassing both Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

In the Spanish Cup Copa Del Rey, semifinal 1st leg, Balcelona fought against Getafe. Lionel Messi dodged five players with some feints from the center circle to opponent’s goal. Futhermore, he touched a ball 13 times.  People started comparing him with Diego Maradona. Since then, he has broken many great records of, and he might already be a legend as a football player.  Now I hope he can more live up to people’s expectation more than ever before.




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